Karine Lima is an accomplished artist, media specialist and content creator.

A TV Host and a journalist since 2000 for French, Portuguese and Swiss Television, Lima has hosted thousands of shows (M6, TF1, I Télé, Eurosport, National Geographic, NRJ12, Canal+, RTPI...). She speaks 5 languages and was finalist for the Price talent Award class communication, nominated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Portugal.

Lima writes, directs and produces as well. She's made so far hundreds of projects, TV shows, shorts, documentaries, commercials and music videos, always focusing on meaningful projects with powerful messages.

Lima won Best woman director at the Los Angeles independent film festival and Recognition filmmaker award at CreActive International Open Film Festival. Fatal, her short film shot in 35mm was selected in more than 30 festivals in the world and won Best short film at Cinefest global, USA and Best short film at the International Euro Film festival, Spain including the Award for Best actress there as well.

Lima’s starred in many TV series, feature films, short films, commercials and music videos. 

Lima also took on a successful career as a professional dancer, singer (Touch your mind, I'm a dreamer, Menina bonita...) and race car driver (Andros Trophy, Raid Amazon…).

Because she is a passionate woman who believes in the power of positive actions, she's always advocated and fought for many humanitarian causes and associations across the globe. 


• Sorbonne – Bachelor’s degree in journalism and communication with a major in foreign languages
• European Campus – Master’s degree in cinema and production
• Hosting – International diplomas Sol Mélia, Acorn, Top’Anim, Greece and Spain 
• Acting
– Olivier Megaton,  Jérome Genevray, Christian Nohel, Pascal Louan, Norah Habib,  Bruno Delahaye, Eric Le Roy, Joseph Pearlman, Eric Morris, Susana Morris, Sébastien Bonnabel,  Pygmalion school
• Dancing – Classical, Modern-jazz, Salsa, Baily dance…
• Singing – Nathalie Dupuy, Studio des Variétés School, La manufacture chanson school
• Radio – CIFAP School


• Multilingual – French, English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian
• Licenses – Cars, boats
• Sports – Car racing, Jet ski races, Adventure Sports, Parachuting, Karting, Fitness
• First aid Certificate
• Food Handler Certificate
• Instrument
– Drums 
• Computer skills
– Microsoft Office, Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Photoshop, Première

Master of Ceremony

Karine has been the master of ceremony for many event in Europe and America. Hosted in French, English and Portuguese.
Airbus, Renault, Porshe, World Cup, CCIFP, The Inventor of the year…

Acting in TV Series

Karine is a guest star in the TV Series :" Cold Justice,, Breaking Homicide, Declassidfied, American Court with Judge Ross"...

Modeling for Print Commercials

Karine is modeling for a lot of brands and commercials in USA.
On Star, Samsung, Herbalife, Ranch at Laguna Beach, Sunbeam, UPS...

Your Personalized Video

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Acting in TV Commercials

Karine is acting in a lot of TV commercials in USA, France, Brazil!
Neutrogena, Skoda, Jafra, Maggie Institute, Sunbeam, Gundlach Fairytail, Los Defensores, Fuse Tea, Yamaha, Honda, Universal Studio Orlando, La Cantina, Advocate Health Care, Honda...

Awards won for "Fatal"

Karine had recently won awards for her film Fatal shot in 35mm.
-Best Short Film Award Cinefest Global, USA.
-Best Short Film Award International Euro Film Festival.
-Best Director Award Los Angeles Independent Film Festival, USA
-Recognition Prize as a Director International Open Film Festival.
-Award for the Best Actress International Euro Film Festival, Spain.

Corporate spokesperson

Karine is recording many corporate videos in 5 languages :
Restaurant Boosters, Echo, Annonce Plus Efficace, Anma Auto, Active Concept Net, Php Minute, Vlinic, Stratège Marketing, Networking Contact, Echo, Bienvenue Canada Immigration, Alsastore, Pykypyky, Miamastore, Dash, The Simon Method, International Diamond Diffusion, Ubanker, Groubex, Mediazain, Québec mag, Ameta, Ocep, Rhinova...

Producing with KaelProductions

Karine with KaelProductions is producing many videos...
In The US or in France she is producing commercials and corporate videos, filming events and Interviews, creating web sites and much more...
To contact KaelProductions and receive a personal quote, please follow the link bellow.