• Production management and creative development from concept to release.

  • Worked as a producer, director, video editor, screenwriter, photographer, camera operator Casting and journalist.

  • Experienced in Television, Corporate Videos, New Media, Commercials, Music Videos Films & Events.

  • Polyglot: French, English, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian and exceptional international experience.

  • In charge of all key decisions related to project choices, casting, recruiting, funding, budgeting, script writing,
    post-production, social media strategies, overall creative concept and cultivation of every project.

  • Undred of projects, TV shows, segments, short films, documentaries, corporate videos, commercials,
    music videos, events, new media, and web sites...

  • Motivational and collaborative

  • Client relationships

  • Social media, marketing

  • Ability to supervise crews

  • Coordinate complex productions

  • Multi-Language production

  • Project and time management expert

  • Creative and resourceful

  • Multi-tasking, detail oriented

  • Proactive thinker, problem solver


  • Best woman director at the Los Angeles independent film festival.

  • Recognition filmmaker award at CreActive International Open Film Festival.

  • Best short film at Cinefest global, USA.

  • Best short film at the International Euro Film festival, Spain.

  • Fatal and Powerless were selected in 100’s of festivals over the world

Karine created KaelProductions. 

Our dedicated and trusthworthy team of industry professionals have access to the best locations, equipment and talents.
We have worked for major clients to produce their Films, Commercials, Short Films, Interviews, Corporate videos, TV Shows, Segments, Documentaries, Events, Voice Over, Photographies, Web sites and all types of contents from concept to delivery.


We create stunning and engaging content that captures your target audience. 


Adil Rami
– Training in LA with Douma Fitness, 2018
Game One – CES with Anh Phan, 2018
Delair - Lunch party – Event at the Director's guild of America, 2018
Barnes at Colcoa – Event at HERITAGE FINE WINES, 2017
Cash Show
– Online trivia game, French, 2017
Virtual Reality – DVD Bonus videos, 2017
Clio Cup – Renault car racing championship, live segments, press Releases, 8x6mn, monthly, 2016
The Voice Company – Voice over projects in many languages, 2016
Sonic Box – Daily live show and photo-shoots for 25 artists, 2016 
W9 Etat d’urgence, Documentary pilot, 26mn, 2015
Pykypyky – On line motorcycle review show, 2015
Voyage L’amour au bout du monde, Documentary, 52mn, 2014
Casting.fr – Celebrity interview segment, 2012-2014    
24h of Le Mans – Cars, motorcycles, and trucks racing championship, 24h live coverage, 2013-2015
J’ai tésté pour vous – Testing health and wellness activities, Omega TV, 2013
Men’s up TVMag Men, Men’s health and style, 48x26mn, weekly, 2009-2013
Poker ChannelParadise of Poker, Poker news, 26mn, monthly, 2012
MSN The eye of Karine, Global automotive magazine, 64x10mn, daily, 2008-2012
BDM TVOn va faire le show, Live talk show, 4x52mn, monthly, 2011    
The meeting – Comedy sketch show, 45 segments, 2009 
I Télevision
The News Celebrity, Live film industry segment, daily, 40x6mn, 2008
Canal + SportsJour de sport, Live sports segments, 48 episodes daily and weekly, 2006-2007
Orange TVLe mag du mondial, International car show magazine, 45x6mn, daily, 2006-2007

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Je suis mes choix
– Drama, 2015                            
Je suis coupable – Comedy, 2015
Fatal – Suspense, 2014                        
Impuissant – Drama, 2014                                
Je suis ma vie – Drama, 2014                                
J’ai presque tourné un film – Comedy, 2014                

I’m a dreamer – Chris V, 2014
My love – Chris V, 2010
Touch your mind – Difenalls, 2007